Thursday, December 7, 2023

Steam continues to ban games involving NFTs and cryptos.

The digital gaming platform Steam, whose parent company is Valve has been consistently exhibiting very conservative opinions on the crypto takeover in the gaming sector. This is contrary to the contemporary gaming giants who are all supporting crypto and NFT-based games in a full-fledged manner. These games have particularly been a hit with Gen Z users according to recent statistics from Asian and African nations. The fact that Steam has been holding on to its anti-crypto stance in a dogmatic way has been a disappointment to crypto enthusiasts everywhere.

The firm says they have several reasons to be harboring this anti-crypto view towards gaming. For one, they claim that they have already tried and tested the advent of crypto a couple of years back. The results shocked them because there were a lot of bad apples in the figurative crypto pile who were carrying out inauthentic transactions. They believe this brought down its reputation as a consumer-friendly platform that has always prioritized the safety of its users. Moreover, the top boss of the firm said that he has a love-and-hate relationship with the boom of cryptocurrencies. Though it has given birth to many efficient utilities, there are also many crypto miscreants out to deceive consumers. This is their primary reason for still turning their back on crypto.

Reiterating their rigid views, they have recently stated that they will not be endorsing or promoting crypto-centric games on their platform. This they claim is due to ambiguity in their existence and their relationship with the legislations surrounding their use in gaming. Steam noted that their nature is such that they come with loopholes that are constantly being abused and making headlines. So they don’t have any immediate plans to change and welcome NFT and other crypto games. This is of course disheartening to crypto lovers, but maybe Steam needs to realize that they are letting the others get ahead of them by shutting their door in the face of crypto.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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