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Stellar’s equivalent to MetaMask is this open-source wallet.

Stellar's equivalent to MetaMask is this open-source wallet.

Recently an open-source wallet was released that offers a simpler way to use the “Stellar” network. It has been touted as the gateway to the Stellar (XLM), which is one of the oldest blockchains in the world right now.

The new app is available for mobile and desktop devices and can also be installed as an extension on Brave, Edgel, Firefox and Google Chrome. People using the app or extensions can transfer or exchange their assets in a user-friendly environment that is safe to use.

Team Rabet has prioritized the UI to be user-friendly and intuitive to use. All the data is encrypted and later stored on locally available devices. This was done because using the blockchain can be difficult for first-time users.

Many exchanges like NiceTrade have already lauded the wallet and how seamless their integration with Rabet was. They also praised how easy to use and intuitive Rabet’s whole infrastructure was. This was done from a user’s perspective.

Rabet aims to remove the technical roadblocks that have plagued the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. The seamless connection to apps has also been praised as this move will get more people into the world of this new-age tech.

Rabet said that they have been gaining about 3,000 active users per day and are one of the more popular wallets in the Stellar network.

With changes happening at a lightning pace, it is best that you invest in cryptocurrency as soon as possible. Each new leap presents an opportunity, and it is best to get in on it as an early investor.



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