Thursday, July 25, 2024

STEPVR introduces hardware for players at home experience.

STEPVR, the company behind a string of VR Entertainment centers in China, has released a gate to the metaverse. It has developed hardware called VR Gates to the metaverse, that allows players to have an “at-home experience”.

In STEPVR’s large-scale VR e-sports Future Battle, players can roam freely in virtual reality, use virtual doorknobs to open doors and press elevator buttons. It empowers players with a life-like sight, touch, smell, and hearing experience in virtual reality. But players say it’s not the same as VR goggles – it’s way wilder than that! Future Battle has garnered massive success, attracting one million customers and counting.

STEPVR is giving a Ready Player One like experience to players with Gates01, the device reminiscent of the Oasis. The company says players don’t get motion sick from using it as the device has an omnidirectional motion system. It gives players the opportunity to use their five senses in the virtual world. The device can be used for sports, entertainment, work, or education. STEPVR claims to be the world’s first company to offer massively multiplayer online games in the VR world. The company says its tech has surpassed companies like Meta. Moreover, it has taken the lead in launching software and hardware systems that enter the metaverse.

Gates01 empowers players with a genuinely immersive experience, without getting motion sickness in a small and convenient space. With its latest device, STEPVR is trying to break into the at-home consumer market. Gates01 will be sold in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Europe, North America, and the Middle East later this year.

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