Sunday, December 3, 2023

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, says Bitcoin is “pure gold mathematics.”

With all the cryptocurrencies available to investors, they are looking for endorsements from established tech people. Steve Wozniak recently came out in support of BTC.

He was recently talking to the magazine Insider. He also expressed his approval for Metaverse. Wozniak, however, was not so enthused with NFTs. He felt that most people did not understand the space well. Most of the investors were just following the trend and the surrounding hype. They were not aware of the pitfalls. They learn of the pitfalls only after the crypto fails.

Wozniak’s opinions were shaped by his run-ins with crypto. Google and Youtube had used his name to promote some crypto scams. Scammers had used his likeness to scam people. He sued the firms. However, the judge ruled in favor of Google and Youtube. The judge held that the firms cannot be held liable for what the users did. Wozniak, however is happy to endorse Metaverse.

Scammers continue to scam gullible investors using social media platforms. Scammers also use the names of Elon Musk, Bill gates, Tim Cook, etc. In addition to their names they also use the names of their companies.

Wozniak is part of a TV series called Unicorn hunters. The series recently launched its own cryptocurrency called unicoin. The TV series has startups pitching to investors for funds. Wozniak is a judge on the show.

Speaking in support of unicoin, he said that it was less volatile than the other cryptocurrencies. It was backed by seasoned investors and real money.

He added that the only crypto that he believed in was BTC. Even previously he has supported BTC. He is worried that governments might not allow BTC since they did not want to lose control.

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