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Successfully Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Via 2018 Tesla Model 3.

Enthusiasts are coming up with innovative ways to keep up with the market demands as cryptocurrency miners face backlash for “destructing the environment”. A Siraj Raval has powered up his computer hardware for mining bitcoin with his 2018 Tesla Model 3.

Raval says he has successfully powered his computer by plugging an inverter into the 12-volt power socket in the center console of his electric car. He has also plugged interconnected graphics processing units (GPUs) into the frunk of Tesla. The hardware is run off the EV’s internal battery.

The crypto-miner said it’s worth it. Raval revealed that he pocketed $800 a month when the price of ether peaked in 2021. Alejandro de la Terre, a fellow bitcoin miner, likens mining from a Tesla to any other power source. He shared that the main component is the price of electricity.

Chris Allessi, who claims to be Wisconsin’s first-ever electric car dealer, revealed that he first tampered with his Tesla in 2018. He has transformed his Tesla Model S into a crypto mining rig in a variety of ways. Allessi has plugged a Bitamin Antminer S9 directly into the car’s battery. He achieved this with the help of a power inverter, which adjusts the voltage of Tesla’s electric battery to a compatible level. Allessi has successfully mined altcoins with Tesla’s internal firmware.

He brushed off his feat as a no big deal! Allessi claims he can run the mining program within the browser. The most popular technique involves hacking into the car’s internal computer and plugging GPUs directly into its electric motor. Allessi and Raval laud Tesla as the computer with wheels. Raval says that it’s very simple to hack into its computer. It’s like hijacking the car’s internal firmware to take advantage of the extra power.

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