Friday, December 8, 2023

SundaeSwap and Cardstarter are blaming each other.

Engaged in a drama that no one expected, Cardstarter and Sundaeswap have accused each of malpractice and foul play. Cardano has done a lot of work to make itself a reliable and secure blockchain that has great speed and optimization. It is upgraded from time to time and has had fewer security breaches than any other major blockchain.

But recent incidents would suggest otherwise. Cardstarter calls itself a launchpad that rewards early investors in the project. They have a Cardswap program which is a liquidity mining program. They partnered with SundaeSao for liquidity rather than being a standalone operation.

Users have said that the first red flag was the fact that they scaled back operations and plans for Cardswap early on itself. But when the people realized the actual benefits of the program, they were left rather dismayed. People said that they had been led on to believe something else and both the services delivered rather poorly.

With $15million locked, the early adopters said that there were some Cards with a 400:1 ratio. Since the liquidity has been locked, for now, they are practically worthless.

People accused the company of pulling a rugpull, but Cardstarter responded by saying that this was not the case.

SunadaeSwap later clarified that they were business partners with Cardstarter and have not merged with them. They tweeted distancing themselves from the whole situation and wishing that it was resolved at the earliest. They also made clear that SundaeSwap has reneged on the previous agreement and has reduced their initial 150 million tokens to a mere 10 million $SUNDAE tokens

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