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Super Bowl QR code from Coinbase, site collapse, and scammy codes

Coinbase’s QR code commercial during Super Bowl proved so successful that it had to throttle its platform to avoid overwhelming it. But the codes were also criticized by the digital security experts.

The Most Successful Ad

During the Super Bowl event in Los Angeles, LA Rams defeated Cincinnati Bengals by 23-20. This game will be remembered long in the crypto world. The game itself is a major event. TV commercials advertised by both FTX and Coinbase featured prominently during this event. The ad of Coinbase received a better response. The creative ad featured a QR code that kept changing color and bounced around slowly. No other element is featured in this ad.

The Successful Ad Forced Coinbase to Throttle Its Website

The ad proved so successful that Coinbase had to throttle its website to control the incoming traffic. Some unconfirmed reports say the mobile app of Coinbase crashed during the game. The Coinbase app became the second most downloaded app on the App Store of Apple. According to Adweek, a news outlet that reports on the ad industry, this commercial achieved the first spot in the list of all commercials telecast during the Super Bowl game of this year.

The successful commercial created massive brand awareness for Coinbase. It was not only watched but people even interacted with it giving it a very high value. However, everyone is not happy about a QR code being used in this way. People are always warned not to click on random unknown QR codes. Internet is already seeing lots of fake QR codes claiming to be the same Coinbase QR code.

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