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SURVIVEMETA Made an Appearance in the Leading Crypto Event Crypto Expo Dubai

Before hopping into the event and the company, let’s look at some essential statistics. As of March 2022, over 81 million users had created unique Bitcoin wallets on, a website that allows people to buy Bitcoin. Well! It is only 72% from a year back; on the other hand, it was a 237% increase from 2018 when it was established.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the developer of bitcoin, is thought to have control of 1 million bitcoins worth $40 billion to $60 billion in US dollars.

Every day, around 270,000 Bitcoin transactions are confirmed, on average. All these facts clear that the craze of crypto is increasingly getting higher. This is a primary factor for the growing number of crypto-related events taking place around the world.

One such event is Crypto Expo Dubai which has experienced the presence of Survive Meta. It was the startup sponsor at the event.

SurviveMeta and its Features

In 2099, a pandemic wiped off the entire world, leaving only 5% of the population unaffected. So everyone who has been infected is either dead or has turned into a zombie-like beast. Interesting right?

The majority of the world’s population has gathered in Meta City, a massive metropolis under rigorous monitoring. The “No-Go Area” separates Meta City from the rest of the world and is administered by a robust dictatorial regime. Only 9999 people remain in the “No-Go Zone,” hoping to make it to Meta City.

It provides the users with digital ownership of certain things. The first one is the car. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could own this supercar in the SURVIVE Metaverse? Another one is a rifle. You can take some more zombies out of that game with this beauty.

Finally, to take a break from your killings of zombies, you can benefit from a helicopter. This helicopter ride would be a fantastic way to unwind.

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