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SushiSwap Top Executive Accused of Mishandling Wallet Exploits In Past Venture.

The newly elected top executive of SushiSwap has been accused of mishandling wallet exploits at his previous employer. Legal action is brewing and things may become difficult for the DeFi platform.

Accusations have been leveled against Jared Grey who was elected “head chef” of SushiSwap on October 3. He is alleged of negligence during a string of 2019 insider hacks at ALQO (now rebranded as EONS), a DeFi protocol when he was the chief executive officer. @YannickCrypto, who worked with Grey to overcome the hacks, laid the accusations out on Twitter. SushiSwap’s native token SUSHI token dipped as the allegation buzzed through the industry.

Users with ALQO could store crypto assets using Liberio – the wallet software. Its users in February 2019, complained of suddenly-missing funds. Yannick at that time had released on-chain data suggesting that one of ALQO’s developer wallets had been involved. He alleged that Grey knew about the hacks and did nothing in the months between the withdrawals first being reported the chief technology officer Kevin Collmer’s firing. But not having evidence to back his claims, Yannick said his allegations are just speculative.

However, an early ALQO investor claimed that Yannick soured on ALQO following the hacks. The investor believes that Yannick was obsessed with destroying the platform. ALQO in a blog post in November 2019 concluded that Kevin Collmer’s actions contributed directly to the loss of user funds on Liberio. But Collmer maintains his innocence saying there was no evidence of his involvement in the series of hacks.

Grey said Collmer was behind the exploits. He added that Collmer stole the money, ghosted the platform for two months, and never returned the money, thus he was fired.

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