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Swiss-based SIMBA Storage, the Cold Storage for Bitcoin Exhibited at the AIBC Summit 2021

The self-proclaimed stable coin of reliable storage, SIMBA Storage recently showed up at the AIBC Summit event. With a belief put up in the potential of blockchain, that it will lead cryptocurrencies to leadership positions in the world of finance.

As per the description of SIMBA Storage, obtained directly from the official website of SIMBA Storage, it is the first token in the world that has been released for Satoshi Bitcoin.

Being dedicated entirely to providing secured locations to store cryptocurrencies, SIMBA Storage offers cold storage of cryptocurrencies in protected locations with the presence of cold hardware wallets and multi-level security algorithm.

Talking about the liquidity factor of the SIMBA Storage, it should be noted that it is provided with ERC-20 tokens which have the capability of shifting between users and being exchanged while keeping the constant value to Bitcoin,

In addition to this, it should be noted that SIMBA Storage prefers a location covered in snow and which serves the purpose of presenting an ideal implementation of the most incredible ideas and projects.

More Information about SIMBA Storage

As per the information obtained from the official website of SIMBA Storage, the motivating spirit of research makes Switzerland the most fruitful ground for the crypto economy.

Back in the year 2019, the team behind SIMBA Storage had the vision to create their own stable coin. A stable coin that is not pegged to any fiat currency but to Bitcoin, the most important asset of the cryptocurrency market. 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 SATOSHI = 100,000,000 SIMBA, that makes 1 Satoshi equal to 1 SIMBA.

Moreover, the team is positive and optimistic about the future potential of Bitcoin and the whole concept of a decentralized network with the requirement of an intermediary. This facilitates the transactions from peer-to-peer for purchasing goods, services, and even transferring money without worrying about international boundaries.

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