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Swvl and Concordium come together to build a Blockchain-Based Mass Transit System


On 11 August 2021, the blockchain technology firm Concordium announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with a Dubai-based shared mobility and mass transit system provider called Swvl. According to the news reports, the collaboration between the two companies will allow the development of transformative mass transit systems with the use of blockchain technologies.

Swvl, which is a global start-up based in Dubai offers an alternative to public transport through its semi-private alternative for individuals who cannot access or afford private transportation. The company allows for a safer, efficient, and environmentally friendly mobility system that can be afforded by everyone. One can have access to high-quality private vans and buses, which can be booked through an app. These vehicles operate at semi-fixed and fixed times, routes, stations, and prices. With this partnership, the blockchain platform of Concordium will enhance the experience of the Swvl customers. While Swvl is working towards smart eco-mobility and decarbonization, Concordium’s technological input would help in solving many of the logistical issues that arise in mass transit.

Benefits of the partnership

Driver remuneration would be better linked to performance, thereby giving the drivers an incentive to provide high-quality service.

· Faster and more accurate tracing of the natural progression of the travel needs of the customers. This will help in enhancing Swvl routing capabilities after they are fed into the travel routes.

· With the technology, a more interactive relationship can be created between the customers and Swvl.

With these changes, Swvl aims to take advantage of the ever-changing customer demands, as a result of which it can offer flexible and quicker commuting experiences to its customers.

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