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Tap into the World’s Largest Dapp Store with

The application store is driven by analytics and is home to decentralized applications that allow the user to discover, use, and analyze dApps, is certainly the pioneer in its space. With an aim to become the one-stop destination for all the decentralized applications, is dedicatedly providing tools and credible information and data for developers and users who intend to explore the capabilities of blockchain and decentralized technology.

We should lay an emphasis on the fact that is committed to building an ecosystem that is going to be formed by various product lines, which removes the obstacles to the adoption and acceptance of decentralized applications.

Discussing further the functioning of the platform, it should be noted that the platform solves issues like difficulty in accessing the dapps, poor user experience, and a fragmented and non-homogenous market.

Being the world’s largest dapp distribution platform, is well-known for listing more than 2,200 decentralized applications that are constructed on seven major blockchains. The names of these blockchains are as followed: Blockstack, Ethereum, EOS, TRON, IOST, TomoChain, and Steem.

Knowing Further the Information and Details Regarding

What adds more to the value of the project is the fact that the platform showcases the decentralized applications on the basis of trusted dapp data analytics, reviews gathered from the community, and the comments of the users.

As revealed by the officials associated with the platform, it should be noted that the platform is currently working with more than 50 of the best-decentralized applications in the world, and some of them are Gods Unchained, Bancor, OpenSea, CryptoKitties, and Kyber Network.

The platform is working towards the creation of a data-driven blockchain application ecosystem that will be facilitating the usage of decentralized applications without any restrictions or barriers. A lot of products and tools are contributing towards transforming the vision of the platform into a reality.

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