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Team Behind Safex Community Project Showed Up at the AIBC Malta Event

The blockchain and the entire field of technology are advancing and this era is undoubtedly driven by technological advancements. With the surge in popularity of blockchain, a number of events are being held to gather similar mindsets possessing people and know more about the technology.

Recently, a company with the sole aim to truly open, cross-border, and peer-to-peer transactions was recently seen at one of the most significant events that are held for gathering the teams behind businesses that are working in the field of blockchain, technology, and cryptocurrencies.

Here, we are discussing the AIBC Summit, which was held in Malta back in the month of November. The Safex Community Project, which is a blockchain that has been developed by the team behind it by utilizing the cryptonote technology and incorporating a 2-coin system. recently exhibited the AIBC Summit.

This facilitated the convenient integration of the Safex blockchain along with its cryptocurrencies in any shopping website. Talking further about the Safex Community Project, it is a conveniently integrated global payment engine and decentralized database.

Safex Community Project and its Rewards System

It is basically a decentralized marketplace on a privacy blockchain, with a total of 5% revenue generated by the platform shared among the investors in the token. As per the privacy factor, the information and details of both the senders and the receivers are ensured through Ring Signatures and One-Time Addresses.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the native token of the Safex Community Project, the Safex token, enables the holders to earn money while they sleep and generate a passive income.

Moreover, the platform allows you to look for tasks and bug bounties on Safex Github to make use of the coding skills that you are equipped with. Each token holder is rewarded in Safex Cash for taking part in adding security and safety to the network with your CPU or GPU by mining.

Cryptured Team
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