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Team Behind the Zoho Project Showed Up at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event

Zoho Sign’s blockchain-based timestamping feature makes signers’ accountability public.

The company recently attended the AIBC Summit 2022 Event, which was held in Dubai. It should be noted that this event is considered one of the most prominent and influential events that are held in the space of crypto and blockchain.

The event witnessed a number of companies, startups, and businesses that are working in the field of crypto and blockchain.

What is the mechanism behind it?

A public Ethereum transaction will occur in the background for each document signed with Zoho Sign.

The checksum of the signed document will be included in the transaction notations.

This transaction, including the timestamp, is then added to the blockchain.

Verifiable by the general public

Anybody can verify the existence of a signed business document and verify whether it was signed at a specific time using Ethereum’s public blockchain at any time.

Easy to use and understand

Sign the business records as usual, and Zoho Sign will handle the blockchain-based time stamping in the background, saving users time and effort.

Verification on two levels

To make sure non-repudiation and integrity, Zoho Sign already employs public key infrastructure (PKI). Using the Ethereum public blockchain, users can get an additional measure of certificate verification with blockchain-based timestamping.

Zoho App: Integrate with the apps users use every day

Zoho Sign incorporates a variety of third-party services, allowing you to quickly import users as well as documents and have everything signed. With our REST APIs, users can also create custom integrations to meet specific needs and streamline document signing at their corporation.

Well, there is certainly no denying that the project is going to be highly successful as it is contributing significantly to the expansion of crypto and blockchain adoption. We will keep you updated with the details related to the project.

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