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Team17 Licences Popular Brand For “Environmentally Friendly” NFTs

The developer of the Worms game series, Team 17, has approved the use of its popular brand to create “environmentally friendly” NFTs for a project called MetaWorms. The project is being developed and managed by the Reality Gaming Group (RGG).

MetaWorms is described as a generative art project that provides digital ownership over unique assets. This will definitely give a new lease of life to the franchise’s 25-year history. RGG says this isn’t about a single NFT drop. The company is working on some features, including a Fluid Rarity system which will give owners a chance to adjust their non-fungible tokens to take part in wider tournaments and step into the Metaverse.

Harley Homewood, the Head of Publishing at Team 17 Digital, says Worms is an iconic franchise in global gaming with tens of millions of fans across the world. The company is excited about its partnership with RGG for the highly limited edition artwork NFTs. Homewood shared that they got drawn towards RGG because of its ultra-low energy technology and carbon-neutral servers. The company puts the environment first.

Tony Pearce, the Co-Founder at RGG, who has been a Worms fan for over two decades is excited to collaborate with Team 17 for the amazing collection of MetaWorms NFTs. He recognizes that Worms is iconic in the collective gamer consciousness. RGG can’t wait to give the games’ fans digital collectible artwork from across the franchise. Pearce said the partnership is a ringing endorsement of RGG’s DAT platform. It also highlights the growing importance of NFTs within the games ecosystem.

However, Worms’ idea of “environmentally friendly” NFTs hasn’t gone down well with some blockchain and gaming communities. Some users have criticized it as a cash-grabbing project than a love for the environment. Aggro Crab, an Indie developer who worked on the RPG video game Going Under, said they would no longer be working with Team 17. The developer urged fellow Indie game studios to do the same. Aggro Crab believes NFTs cannot be environmentally friendly or useful.

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