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Tech Mahindra announces that it will launch a blockchain-based system for vaccine supply tracking


Tech Mahindra, the renowned IT firm, has recently announced that the company will launch an open-source system based on blockchain for vaccine supply tracking. The system, known as ‘VaccineLedger,’ is being implemented by Pune-based Tech Mahindra in combination with StaTwig, a startup. According to one of the statements released by the IT giants, the aim of the partnership is to launch a “traceability solution for global vaccine supply chain transparency,”. The partnership will also aim to prevent supply chain failures and counterfeiting.

By building peer-to-peer bridges on existing systems supporting real-time authentication, data sharing, and validation, the app will be of great help to vaccine manufacturers. Through ‘VaccineLedger,’ vaccine manufacturers can track vendor payments, inventory, and smart contracts.

To use ‘VaccineLedger’ well, vaccine manufacturing companies have to collaborate with governments, vaccine researchers, healthcare workers, pharmaceutical companies, and distributors. This would help them to understand how various elements of the supply chain work in tandem, facilitating more efficient use of ‘VaccineLedger.’

Along with ‘VaccineLedger,’ Tech Mahindra has also announced the launch of a web and mobile application that will cater to the requirements of both state governments and vaccine manufacturers. However, no details about the launch date of the blockchain-based system and the web and mobile app have been shared by the company so far.

The use of ‘VaccineLedger’ will ensure that complex regulatory requirements are adhered to by all parties involved in the vaccine supply chain. It will also ensure the validity and safety of the supply of vaccines, according to one of Tech Mahindra’s representatives.

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