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Tesla’s Bitcoin holdings remained unchanged in the fourth quarter.

Tesla's Bitcoin holdings remained unchanged in the fourth quarter.

The electric car-making company, Tesla, did not make any transaction with Bitcoin as detailed in its balance sheet. In 2021, by the end of the quarter, the digital asset of Tesla was valued at $1.26 billion. The holding in terms of Bitcoin remained the same. Even in the quarter, Tesla did not mention any impairments in respect of its Bitcoins holding.

No change in Tesla’s Bitcoin holding

Since the third quarter, Tesla did not change its holdings in terms of Bitcoin. But, in the third quarter, the price of Bitcoin fell, which led to Tesla mentioning the impairment of $51 million. The accounting condition states that if the value of Bitcoin increases in a particular period then, it won’t be highlighted in terms of gains in the balance sheet of the company. But, in case of a decrement in the value of the digital asset, the company has to mention an impairment case. So, in quarter four of 2021, there was no change in price as well as holding of Bitcoin by Tesla.

History of digital asset holding by Tesla

In February 2021, Tesla announced its holding of Bitcoin, which was worth $1.5 billion. In quarter one, they gave 10% of their Bitcoin. After that, the Bitcoin worth $272 million was in holding of Tesla. Further, they did not make any changes in their share of Bitcoin till the fourth quarter. As per the reports, the earnings per share of Tesla is $2.54 though analysts were expecting it to be $2.36.



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