Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The AssangeDAO has raised $38 million to assist in the release of WikiLeaks

A DAO set up to help free Julian Assange has managed to raise more than $38 million. At last count, some reports put the figure at $39.2 million. These funds were raised in ETH – 12,569, which amount to $38.8 in current ETH prices.

Assange is in a London prison and is fighting extradition charges from the UK to the US. He has been in prison since 2019. Solicited donations started pouring in starting Friday. JuiceBox, a community funding platform, hosted this fundraising campaign and said that a lot of funds came in over the weekend. This doubled the amount in 24 hours to reach the current level.

According to information on the Assange DAO Twitter posts, this is the largest amount JuiceBox has managed to raise in Ether. This is a record-breaking amount and exceeds funds raised by ConstitutionDAO. ConstitutionDAO set up a campaign to get funds to buy an original US Constitution copy.

Comparisons of funds raised made in ETH mean that ConstutionDAO raised more because ETH prices were higher in November 2021. The Assange DAO is considered a cypherpunks collective that wants to raise ETH tokens and exchange them for JUSTICE governance tokens. These will then be used to bid on an NFT collection called “Censored”. This collection was created by digital artist Pak in a joint venture with Assange. The proceeds of this NFT sale will be sent to Assange’s defence fund to pay legal fees as well as awareness campaigns related to his extradition case.

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