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The Bank of Russia believes cryptocurrency has no place in the financial market and has completed a digital ruble prototype

The Russian government continues with its unclear and ambiguous cryptocurrency regulations by saying that crypto has no place in the national financial market. The Bank of Russia made this statement just days after the authorities allowed Russian investors to engage in cryptocurrency via foreign entities. Along with that, the apex bank of Russia said their prototype for the digital ruble is final and functional and will soon be in use. All these contradictory statements have left Russian crypto investors confused, and many are afraid of a China-like complete ban. The digital ruble, on the other hand, is going strong and will soon be a part of the mainstream Russian economy. Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia, Vladimir Chistyukhin, recently spoke to the media about these developments.

Russian cryptocurrency policies have always been ambiguous. There is no complete framework in place to regulate and guide investors on cryptocurrency policies. With different rules being imposed at regular intervals, crypto investors have to regularly face long-term planning difficulties. While the governmental bodies have mixed opinions on cryptocurrencies, the Bank of Russia has always voiced strong anti-crypto opinions.

Within a changing global cryptocurrency landscape, governments are also working on how they deal with crypto policies. The major concerns for regulators have always been financial crimes and money laundering via cryptocurrencies. The fear of national currency devaluation is also a major concern. How Russia reacts to these developments in 2022 will be in global focus.

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