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The Beatles And John Lennon’s Pieces of Music History To Be Sold As NFTs

Memorabilia from the famous English band The Beatles is expected to be sold as NFTs from the personal collection of John Lennon’s eldest son Julian. Fans have the chance to get their hands on John Lennon’s black cape, which he wore in the film Help! And fans can scoop up handwritten notes for The Beatles song Hey Jude. The online auction is scheduled to be held on February 7.

There will also be NFTs of John Lennon’s Afghan coat, which he wore in the television film the Magical Mystery Tour. Fans can also get a good deal on three Gibson guitars. But they should be mindful that each NFT will be offered as an audio-visual collection. There will be narration by Julian Lennon with the imagery of the item.

Sir Paul McCartney’s, who was the co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter, and bassist for The Beatles, hand-written notes for Hey Jude in NFTs is expected to draw the most auction. There’s a starting price of $30,000 with bids expected to more than double the figure. A portion of the proceeds from the NFTs will go into Julian Lennon’s White Feather Foundation.

Lennon said he has been collecting these personal items for about 30-years and he was getting a bit bored with them being locked away in a vault. He revealed that he preferred to keep these things locked up as he didn’t want them to get damaged. Lennon has held exhibitions of these items in Europe and was planning to take the collection on a tour, but the last couple of years have not been helpful.

Lennon highlighted the plan for NFTs came up as a unique way to continue his dad’s legacy. Through the NFTs, people can go through the collections, feel, see and hear the narration. People would get a little more than they would actually get and hear some stories at that too.

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