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The Benefits of Automated Market Makers by the PowerTrade Management Team.


PowerTrade is a simple crypto option platform where traders can achieve excellent ROI. The platform with an easy-to-use interface has low margin requirements and offers better prices. Traders can start trading even with $1. The crypto platform is simple, fast and mobile-friendly.

The People behind It

PowerTrade CEO Mario Gomez Lozada is a serial entrepreneur and finance professional with experience of more than 20 years in the currencies, commodities and fixed income markets. He established in 2014. That platform became one of the top cryptocurrency to fiat exchange platform used by millions of people from around the world.

Richard Hodge handles Trading and Risk department of the company. He has more than 20 years of experience in FX, derivatives and cryptocurrency. He built quantitative financial and trading systems at Citi, Morgan Stanley and others.

Automated Market Maker

The company has launched this solution to improve trading experience at its platform. A market maker refers to a group or individual who bids on the exchange. Market makers provide liquidity and depth to the order books. They ensure a healthy exchange. In the traditional system, a well-established financial institution like a trading platform or bank has to place the capital, working as the market maker. DeFi exchanges like Uniswap developed the idea of automated market making, allowing even small investors to provide liquidity to the exchange and in return earn rewards generally paid in cryptocurrency.

PowerTrade offers mobile-first cryptocurrency trading options where traders are their own boss. They can be bearish, bullish or both. One can start trading even with $1. The company has plans to launch advanced solutions like straddles, condors and strangles.

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