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The Bitcoin rhythm and orange tablets his fans are felt by a US bobsledder.

Everyone is jumping onto the Bitcoin bandwagon. Sports celebrities included. The latest to do so is Johnny Quinn – an Olympic bobsledder from the US.

He recently took to Twitter to post a reading list to learn about BTC. He urged his fans to definitely go through and finish the reading list. While welcoming the BTC class of 2022, he advised them to never take advice from the so-called ‘experts’. He cautioned them that everyone was confused.

Johnny Quinn – Advice on BTC

He said that the best way to get into bitcoins is to read about them and understand them. Quinn said it took him 100 hours of reading to understand BTC. In that time, he understood the BTC network, its value as money, and how it is a store of value.

To buttress his claims, he posted a series of articles by financial institutions such as Visa, Goldman Sachs, etc., who reversed their stands on BTC.

The most visible case was that of the investment firm JP Morgan. In 2017 the firm had denounced BTC. And, now in 2021/22, it was promoting BTC to investors.

Quinn went on to add that prospective investors should also not take advice from social media influencers. He said that most of these people on social media suggested risky investments.

Quinn is the latest addition to a list of sports stars from the NFL and NBA to join the BTC bandwagon. These stars have even started taking their salaries in BTC.

Quinn became active in the space in 2021. He took an online course on bitcoins in the autumn of 2021. Ever since, he has been promoting BTC vocally.

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