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The crypto utopia of Thailand.

This is an unusual tale of how a crypto community with a libertarian leading was set up by a BTC OG. The community is a commune for any and all digital nomads set in Thailand, on islands. It is also a story of why the OG hasn’t given up on fulfilling a dream.

The story revolves around crypto influencers who can indulge in non-stop merrymaking, being grilled by the police and a high burn rate for money. The community has to also deal with rumors related to drugs and shaman activity – a place where reality and idealism collide. It was supposed to be a lot of fun.

Want a peek into this idyllic world concept? It includes Cape Residences in the beach town of Phuket. This is a good look at digital nomads with crypto and how they live and thrive in paradise. The villa, which belongs to Kyle Chasse, is located between people who invested in Apple early and those who belong to the Dubai Royal Family. Four cars are parked in the driveway, one of which is an electric BMW. Chasse is a large friendly man who greets visitors warmly. He also gives his visitors a tour of the mansion he lives in. Many members of his business ventures team live and do business in the home.

The furniture and other amenities are very cozy and well-appointed. Features like an indoor driving range for golf enthusiasts, a well-designed outdoor area for entertaining are part of the property. This is the dream that the BTC OG wants to create – it is more scaled back than the earlier version. Though he had tried to set it up twice before, the project didn’t take off and was destroyed mercilessly on the internet. It is now a wait-and-see proposition for this project and whether it will find favor this time around.

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