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The cryptocurrencies that were 2021’s best performers

2021 was something of a mixed bag for cryptocurrencies. However, many cryptocurrencies registered record highs during the year, and in this post, we’ll take you through 2021’s best-performing cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin continued to be the undisputed champion of cryptocurrencies in 2021. It registered its first all-time high in April and later broke its own record in November, when its value soared to a whopping $68,789. However, since then, it has experienced a bit of a slump.

2. Shiba Inu

The meme token Shiba Inu, which was ridiculed by many in the crypto world, ended 2021 as one of the year’s most stellar performers. Its price rise from January – December 2021 was a mind-boggling 43 million per cent. When 2021 started, the ‘Dogecoin killer’ was valued at a mere $0.000000000077. However, by the time the year ended, its value sat at $0.00003407.

3. Solana

Solana began 2021 at $1.52. However, the crypto market’s remarkable rally in the month of May saw the token’s price soar, as it went beyond $50. Further rallies in August and September resulted in the token’s value rising to more than $180. In November, the token recorded its all-time high – $259. However, the recent downturn of the crypto market saw the token close the year at $172.

4. Terra

Terra experienced a 13,790 per cent value increase through 2021. It started in 2021 at $0.65. However, it kept climbing as the year progressed, and in March, its value had already soared to $22. The token crossed $100 in December. However, its value went down to $85.49 by the time 2021 was over.

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