Monday, December 4, 2023

The DeFi experience is sped up with a full-featured crypto wallet.

The fact remains that most DeFi or decentralized finance wallets, protocols, products and services remain complicated for beginners. These systems offer lots of benefits, but the products are designed mainly for technologists. Everyday users are unable to understand these setups and need lots of guidance to use them.

Simple Systems Needed for Common Users

Consumers used to simple mobile apps that let them get what they want with a few taps and swipes on the screen need simplified DeFi products. The mobile app simplicity is being replicated across all consumer products and even in the financial world. As DeFi and cryptocurrency grow, they have become more complex to use for the average user. With increasing features spread across multiple applications, users now face difficulty in navigating those steps. Tracking even the portfolio requires knowledge of both software and hardware systems.

Ambire To Solve This Problem

Also referred to as AdEx Network, Ambire has introduced an innovative smart wallet solution to solve several UX problems. This solution makes the onboarding process easy and quick for both experienced and novice crypto users. They can use common email and follow the usual password registration features. Digital assets can be purchased using popular payment gateways like credit cards and wire transfers.

Ambire wallet allows users to access DeFi world easily. They do not have to remember the seed phrase to log in. A smart recovery system has been incorporated to recover a lost account quickly. These non-custodial wallets give users control over their wealth and private keys. They can use another software or a hardware wallet for sign-up or add an extra security layer. Ambire has features for both beginner and advanced DeFi users

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