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The executive of Web3 advises not to stop building while you wait for recuperation.


The team of Edge & Node was initially behind the Graph. And its co-founder Tegan Kline has stated that community members know about various other things that they can build in the blockchain area.

During a Cointelegraph interview, she spoke about crypto winter. Tegan also advised on what community members should be attentive to at a time when the markets are not performing well. The Web3 official stated that the community should not lose their determination for delivering actual solutions and should not deviate from its core values.

She also reminded the community about how they came out stronger from the recession. They belong to a praise-worthy circle where everyone is supportive of others’ projects, and this nurtures their community.

Tegan Kline believes that the bear market is actually a paradise for a builder, as there is much less noise. She said the community is going to concentrate on building. The bear market also acts as a great filter because only the committed builders and founders stay back. Surprisingly, some of them are not afraid of embracing the bear market.

Tegan further mentioned that a lot is left that can be built in space. She gave instances like escrow, multi-chain aggregation, DAOs, preservation, layer 2s, and bridging.

In addition to the above, the eb3 executive brought up how blockchain has the capability to influence social media. She feels the bloom of Web3’s social networks is going to be revolutionary.

Furthermore, she mentioned that the crypto-winter will give rise to even stronger decentralized technologies. Therefore, comprehending counter-party perils, decentralization, and self-preservation is the need of the hour.

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