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The Giving Block has launched 15 new funds to help people donate cryptocurrency to causes they care about


Charity is always a good thing, but it also raises questions in the present scenario. Especially when those charities are carried out over cryptocurrencies, there is always an underlying assumption of money mismanagement. However, such is not the case with Giving Block’s new initiative, chiefly because here users directly send their cryptocurrencies to different Cause Funds. It is a clean, easy, and fast way of sending and donations to causes you believe in.

The idea behind ‘Cause Funds’ is also very interesting. Through these cause funds, anyone can easily find what charitable initiatives align with their values. For instance, if you believe more in helping humans than the environment, you can donate to a human-focused charity. Alex Wilson, the co-founder of Giving Block, said that people often delay their donations because they cannot find a cause that aligns with their goals. However, with Gviign Blocks, finding a cause is just a few clicks away. It will make people more eager to donate since the entire process would become so easy.

As an added advantage, multiple NGOs and not for profits have teamed up with Giving Block in their initiative. That means access to different NGOs from different parts of the world. Whether you want to help a wildlife conservation cause or a rainwater storage infrastructure, you can do it through these NGOs. Crypto has taken a lot from society, now it is time to give back.

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