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The Kingdom Bank Won the Best International Fintech Banking Award at the CED2021


The Kingdom Bank is most probably the answer to what we all are in dire need of as it is a crypto-friendly bank that future investors and crypto lovers are going to love a lot. Similar to blockchain technology and the introduction of Bitcoin, which challenges the primitive financial system, The Kingdom Bank challenges the traditional banking values.

We all are aware of the fact that the real advantages and fruits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can not be reaped until the banks that restrict the decentralization factor are eliminated.

To contribute to the facilitation of financial diversification and freedom, it is important to have an international bank account like the Kingdom Bank that focuses on providing their users with an exceptional experience of banking while offering them access to a range of products.

As the bank offers services and products like digital currency custody, trading of cryptocurrencies through API, directly one exchange, and even staking of PoS currencies to earn passive income from assets, it is already anti to the traditional banking system.

The Kingdom Bank Extends Exceptional Support and Services

In addition to this, the bank is committed to extending support to their customers for ensuring the best customer experience, as they provide 24/7 customer support and seamless transfers of funds globally.

Along with this, the bank offers services like Offshore Banking, which clearly implies the seamless transfer, receiving, and withdrawing of funds without borders and limits, and exposure to digital assets. The Kingdom Bank also believes that the future has its own currencies.

At one of the biggest events related to crypto, the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021, the digital bank that cares about no international boundaries, managed to win the award of the Best International Fintech Banking Award.

Well, this is a significant development in the field of crypto as it will open gates for carrying out convenient international payments without even visiting a bank.

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