Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The Kiss’ NFTs are selling for Valentine’s Day as a digital expression of love.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there is something exciting in the crypto world. The Belvedere Museum in Vienna is offering an NFT based on “The Kiss, Gustav Klimt’s most famous painting. There will be just a few copies on sale – so for those wanting something unique on Valentine’s Day, this could be it.

The Museum has partnered with artѐQ, a specialist investment fund in the NFT arena. This firm works with galleries and experts so that it can invest infamous and well-known artworks. Gustav Klimt, a famous Austrian painter, is best known for this painting. It is a fitting gesture to choose the Kiss on February 14th – a day that celebrates all things related to intimacy and love.

The painting will be offered in individual pieces numbering 10,000. This translates every piece as an NFT and buyers should register on a platform by 12 am CET on January 25th. The platform to register on is

Once the required number of buyers have registered, each one will get authorization to buy NFT individually minted. A buyer will get one piece of the digital painting when payment is made with Ethereum or other methods mentioned on the site. The museum’s director is excited about this new venture and thinks the NFT market is bringing art to a brand-new audience.

Having digital copies converted into originals in the virtual world offers investors new ways to participate on serious terms. There is an element of fun as well and investors learn more about art

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