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The launch of the SundaeSwap mainnet has improved the Cardano dApp ecosystem.

After a long waiting period, SundaeSwap has announced a date for rolling out its dex launch. This will help Cardano, which is facing a lot of community pressure due to the non-availability of useable apps. Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output, has spoken up about this issue many times. Each time he said that things were changing and that a good ecosystem would soon be available.

During the weekend, the SundaeSwap team announced that it has a date for the launch of its main net for the decentralized exchange. It is a better-known version of dApp offerings and reduced pressure to some degree. What can be expected in the next few months as the Cardano ecosystem gets populated?

Since SundaeSwap is being launched on Cardano on January 20th 2022, here is what can be expected. Token distribution will be done in 3 different ways – participation in the initial stake offering (ISO), exchanges on SundaeSwap or a participating exchange and yield farming.

Of these three, yield farming is the safest and carries the lowest risk. $SundaeSwap token can be had for free and there is no ADA risk in this process. The ISO will start on January 20, 2022 and run for 5 epochs. Each epoch is 5 days long and February 14th is the final payout date.

If you want to participate, you can set up an ADA stake with an official ISO scooper before a snapshot of an epoch is captured. The developers are confident that the dex is secure. Governance functionality is currently unavailable as the transaction size is limited on the Cardano blockchain.

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