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The mainnet of TradeStars’ Fantasy Sports Stock Trading Game based on Fractional NFTs has been launched

On August 31, 2021, the TradeStars group launched the Mainnet of their very own Fantasy Sports game based on Stock Trading. This Blockchain gaming app (DApp) comes with new features which will reinvent the sector of Fantasy Sports Gaming.

About the Game

In the game, players can trade fictional stocks of world-renowned athletes. The value of the stocks is directly inspired by the real performance attributes of each player. For now, players can purchase stocks in the cryptocurrency Tether (USDT). The app will soon enable the buying of stocks in fiat payments for the US dollar (USD) and Indian National Rupees (INR).

Unlike many other Fantasy Sports Games in the market, TradeStars doesn’t require the user to own a team of 11 players. Think of this game as a legit New York Stock Exchange, but for the lovers of sports. As with real stocks, every player has a limited amount of Fantasy Stocks to purchase. When a player performs well in real life, the value of their stock will increase.

Users have access to the TradeStars trading market at any time of the day throughout the year.

The Best use of Blockchain Technology

The game was developed on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, powered by a Layer 2 Polygon scaling solution. The Ethereum network permanently records all transactions and trades. Polygon technology allows all activities to process at a fast rate without charging a fee.

Fantasy Stocks are issued in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The players are the sole owners of the NFTs that they purchase until they plan to sell or trade them.

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