Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Metaverse Has Arrived

There is a big takeaway from the disturbing and sluggish keynote of Facebook last week. It looks like the social media company is fully committed to the “metaverse”. It is a digital layer accessible through augmented and virtual realities and sits on the top of the real world.

However, the concept is not new at all. For instance, many sci-fi authors have been predicting this kind of thing for many years. Wear your headset and get into fantasy land, a hypnotic digital world to feel as if the COVID-19 pandemic does not even exist.

Also, as if the social media giant never acknowledged the responsibility of smoothening the path for ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

No proper clarity over the applications

The way Facebook refers to metaverse seems rather strange. It is even eerier that they rebranded it as “Meta.” It looks as if the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg visualizes the planet as straight out of the movie “Ready Player One.”

His presentation appeared to be by and largely detached, though it was originally meant to be about a new age of technological achievement. It looked as if the speakers were threatened before their presentations. Even after a little more than one hour, there was not much clarity over the applications for this technology.

It was recently that David Morris mentioned that the Blockchain space has been already contemplating the metaverse technology. Virtual reality programs such as Decentraland use NFT or non-fungible tokens as a kind of property rights. Tokens are linked to three-dimensional plots of land that can be sold and purchased on the secondary market.

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