Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Metaverse will erode privacy even further.

Just a couple of years ago, Facebook announced big changes and its intention to become Metaverse. Metaverse is an important product which shares an online virtual space (3D) with other companies. The idea is to create a future and better version of the internet as we now know it. Most people may not realize that it is here already. Here is a closer look at how it will impact user privacy and the role of decentralization in such matters.

According to an expert, Metaverse is more than a virtual world. Since the pandemic, the boundary between the digital and real world has blurred. Most people log in to work and meet using programs like Zoom, buy virtual real estate and do other activities online. Facebook’s attempt to rebrand itself as Meta is an indication that things have changed radically. Things may never go back to the old ways. Technology offers a lot of benefits, and this point has been made to a critical mass of the population.

This coming together of new realities in a crash has brought home the fact that privacy may not exist for us at all. Digital tools and resources are so important to us that there is a lot of overlap between different environments. It is just a matter of time till everything digital is integrated and offered as a single account. This is especially true with Google and Facebook as conduits to different platforms.

With the introduction of new laws in countries around the world, the only way to stay secure is to take responsibility for our actions. The possibility of people walking into our house and stealing our things is ever present. The only way to stay safe is to keep our doors locked, restrict access and use a deadbolt. One alternative is to adopt decentralized platforms which are committed to user privacy. Changes are on their way and hopefully users can control how their digital lives unfold, soon.

Cryptured Team
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