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The new website aspires to be the best guide for play-to-earn games.


Knowledge is power in every area of life. Market volatility and rapid changes in the P2E sector has made it difficult to track goings-on. As GameFi is gathering speed, P2E.Game, a new website is trying to become the new knowledge base for investors and players. How does it plan to do this?

P2E.Game offers all the latest information and tips so crypto investors and gaming enthusiasts get what they want from any game. P2E’s website has the latest on initial offerings in the DEX sector along with recommendations based on key metrics. These metrics include gamer ratings and overall performance based on popularity.

As a gamer, you can pick the best immersive game available and stay ahead of the competition. You also get the best educational content along with insights on professional tactics. What else? The P2E site has features like an aggregator for NFTs. This feature has information on upcoming and planned events, new collections and listings to name a few. Users and investors can also get the newest data on trading volume and other market movements.

P2E’s goal is to address issues related to web3 marketing by using a different approach. This approach uses email marketing to reach out to new customers and community members. Emails are sent to a user’s blockchain address with relevant information. The hope is that this method will save money and time by doing away with traditional campaigns.

Now it the beta phase, P2E’s goal is to offer the most comprehensive information to investors and gamers. Information on the site makes it easy for anyone to compare different projects and pick the right one for them. Users and investors won’t have to switch between multiple tabs to get their information. The P2E platform has already garnered a big following on Twitter.

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