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The reason why cash-strapped Venezuela is experiencing a Bitcoin mining boom

Venezuela has emerged as one of the crypto mining hubs of the world. Mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the country is considered an extremely profitable venture now, and much of that is down to the fact that electricity rates in Venezuela are among the cheapest in the world. Doctorminer, a Bitcoin mining enterprise, is one of several enterprises in the country’s capital city of Caracas that’s reaping the rewards. The enterprise generates Bitcoins worth $10,000 each month. The mining process is known to generate significant heat, and large fans are required to keep the systems running by cooling them down.

The incredible thing is that the electricity bill that the enterprise has to pay each month is around $10 or even less sometimes. Doctorminer’s CEO, Theodoro Toukomidis, says that the enterprise has found a way that allows them to effortlessly generate income, through which energy is transformed into money.

The success of the Bitcoin mining industry in the country is a stark contrast to its economy. At present, Venezuela is in recession, and the cash-strapped country is experiencing the highest inflation rate in the world. In 2020, the inflation rate in the country was almost at a catastrophic 3,000 percent.

However, thanks to the subsidization of electricity by the Venezuelan government, Bitcoin mining has given a small percentage of Venezuelan people an opportunity to earn a profit. However, there’s still one major problem that’s stopping Bitcoin mining from becoming even bigger in the country – frequent power outages. Almost all mining facilities in the country are in the capital Caracas, where power outages aren’t as frequent.

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