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The sixth blockchain in the realm of the community-driven NFT collectibles game announced

The popularity of DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFTs (nonfungible tokens) has increased a lot in the last year. It has given rise to a new genre of games. Players should learn how to differentiate between projects that will be successful and the ones bound to fail. Interoperability is a prominent factor to consider when taking this decision. It determines a computer system’s ability to interact with another one, allowing one blockchain to engage with another device in line.

Interoperability Already in Place

This feature has already been present with blockchain games, with features like in-game items that players can buy from the marketplace. However, new games are moving this concept further. Now there are games that operate across different platforms, providing different experiences to the players. Avid gamers are regularly looking for ways to get entertained. The possibilities inherent in these games are constantly changing and advancing.

Community-Based Development

Interoperability is not the only prominent feature of these games. They also have community-based development potential. High level of liquidity can be seen in the games that have better and strong community culture. Games that offer better experiences and even exceed the expectations of the players progress quickly. In this scenario, Blockchain Cuties Universe has emerged as the new crypto collection game. It offers not only interoperability but also active support of community members.

The game has adventures that let players interact with the bear cubs, puppies, and many other fantasy and real world creatures. Users can breed, test and collect their skills in the battles. They can use smart contracts on the blockchain networks ethereum, Tron, Neo and For these reasons, Blockchain Cuties gets categorized under the early games that let players play games on many blockchains.


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