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The top ten blockchain companies according to Cointelegraph are listed below.

Ranking anything is a difficult proposition. Be it a product or a service. The larger the choice the more difficult it is to rank.

The task become even more difficult if it is to be a consultative process. Also, more the number of people the greater the difficulty in coming to an agreement. Each person will have a different ranking and coming to a consensus is a nightmare. Often, one repents having started on this job of ranking.

With the proliferation in the number of crypto entities, ranking even the top 100 is a difficult choice. The choice become subjective. It involves considering a combination of factors and a lot of moving the rankings back and forth. The inherent volatility of the crypto space also does not help things. Sometimes the list ends up being spontaneous.

The list drawn up this year by Cointelegraph is combination of what and who are the top 10 among blockchain companies. This was necessary since it was noticed that some trend affected the entire crypto community as a whole. The effect was not restricted to a single person. It also happens that some trend might end up altering the way the crypto industry is perceived. There will be people like Vitalik Buterin, Snoop Dog, etc. who made a huge difference. Or things like NFTs that had an outsized impact.

The list compiled by Cointelegraph is also intended to be a tribute to the effect on the crypto industry of the visual phenomenon. So what is the list? The list of the top ten listed in order of ranking are:

  1. Wagmi
  2. Sam Bankman-Fried
  3. Inflation.
  4. Devin Finzer
  5. Sebastien Borget
  6. Sergey Nazarov
  7. Esteban Ordano
  8. Francis Suarez
  9. Michael Taylor
  10. Emilie Choi
  11. Shiba Dog

The editorial team is aware that some of the choices on the list will make you nod in agreement. At the same time other choices will make you disagree vociferously. The editorial understands appreciates the diversity of opinion. The editorial team invites youto share your thoughts on the list with the team.

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