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The view from Davos: Crypto pounding on the door of the World Economic Forum.

The view from Davos: Crypto pounding on the door of the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum came to an end in Switzerland in the city of Davos on the 27th of May. Attended by people from 110 countries with 3,000 representatives Davos saw a huge influx of planes, trains, and helicopters.

This was a gathering of some of the best financial experts in the world and discussed a wide variety of topics. From the Ukraine war to climate change all things that could affect the market were discussed and how economic recovery can be aided.

Crypto seemed to have piqued the interest of many as it was a great way of playing a support role for a variety of causes. People going from one country to the other can use crypto to have an asset that can be accessed virtually anywhere and also not pay taxes and other charges levied by financial institutions.

This was the first WEF that was conducted in person and was attended by many big players. There was a score of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts at the gates of the WEF too.

In 2018 there was only one crypto-oriented event at the WEF but now there were scores of them. People have changed their stance on crypto since 2018 and are now seeing its advantages firsthand. Representatives from Blockchain Hun, Crypto house, and NFT shop along with GBBC Central put their point of view forward at the WEF.

With the world adopting crypto and the DeFi space growing exponentially right now is the best time to get some added to your portfolio.

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