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The World’s Only Cryptocurrency Fantasy Gaming Service is presented by Rainmaker


This week India saw the launch of Rainmaker, the world’s first fantasy game based on cryptocurrency. The game is an entertaining and insightful approach to the crypto business platform, for both experienced and beginner users of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins (BTC) and Dogecoins (DOGE). Being the second country in the world to adopt digital assets, India can now learn to make the right trade decisions while having fun.

The Rainmaker Gameplay

Interested players can download the game app from Google or the App store. Rainmaker aims to impart knowledge about the crypto exchange sector in the style of a fantasy sports league game. It mimics the real stock activities of the Indian and Asian Stock Exchange to give the players a reliable experience.

Rainmaker uses data from livestock exchange events happening across the world. The game itself is connected to a real worldwide cryptocurrency exchange. This means players can experience true exchange and transactions securely, within a fantasy game setting.

A player has a variety of content formats to choose from in the game. Many of those formats are free but some require payment. They also exercise more control over their money as the game allows players to leave anytime they want.

Looking Forward

Harsh Himmatsingka, founder and CEO of Rainmaker, believes that the game will benefit all users, even if they are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrency. More young people, especially in India, are turning towards the stock exchange. Rainmaker will equip them with analytical skills and technical knowledge to make safe and lucrative financial decisions.

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