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The world’s very first Cryptocurrency Fantasy Gaming Platform comes to life, thanks to Rainmaker

Rainmaker is a pioneer in fantasy-based cryptocurrency gaming platform. Launched in India, this mobile app leverages the country’s status as one of the world’s largest Cryptocurrency Markets.

The intention behind Rainmaker is to teach its audience the nuances of crypto-trading and investing. By gamifying elements of real-life trade and investment portfolio management, Rainmaker imparts analytical skills onto the players. This trains the players to make smarter and wiser decisions in real-life trading.

Rainmaker also mimics the real Stock Exchange in India and offers the players to experience real stock trading. The game also uses data from live global events related to cryptocurrency. This way it stimulates a real-life crypto market where players can learn to make safe trade choices.

In terms of gameplay, a player can choose from over 20 different types of formats. Some of these formats are paid and some are free to use. The players can choose to exit the game whenever they desire. The game grants complete control over profit/loss booking.

Founder and CEO of Rainmaker, Harsh Himmatsingka, aims to inspire Indians to become crypto literate from crypto curious. Through his app, people can learn important information regarding cryptocurrency trading to maximize their investment. Even those who simply want to enjoy a good mobile game, Rainmaker will not disappoint. According to Harsh Himmatsingka, the game provides a fulfilling experience to the regular gamer.

Rainmaker is the brainchild of tech startup First Stock Contest Limited. The company aims to revolutionize the Real Money Gaming (RMG) sector while also empowering people to learn sustainable ways of making money.

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