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This advanced AI data platform gives crypto investors an equal playing field


Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a new AI crypto platform that has entered the arena of crypto trading. It is positive that it can level the playing field for all investors in the crypto market.

It is natural to be skeptical of software that promises to make trading and transactions of cryptocurrencies easier. Most tools and platforms like this fail to satisfy because they are either too complex or mishandle market information. As a result, by the time you are prompted to take action, the tides have already changed. But Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a different beast. It is so good that you can call it the “cheat-code” in the crypto game.

How Cointelegraph Markets Pro Works

The platform keeps it simple. There are only 3 tool options on the dashboard that will guide you through crypto trading. Here is a brief description of each tool:

1.    The Altseason Indicator

This tool helps investors in gauging the best time to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). It does so by comparing the present market scenario to past conditions when bitcoin or altcoin were outperforming in the market.

2.    The VORTECS Scoreboard

To save time, check this scoreboard. It updates the users on which cryptocurrencies will make a bullish turn in the coming 24 hours. The mechanics behind this scoreboard compare many factors like trading volume, Twitter activity, price movement, and market sentiment.


This feature will keep you updated on all the latest crypto activities from around the world. It uses Cointelegraph’s own data and research to inform you about changing market trends, important exchange listings, new partnerships, and much more.

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