Friday, June 21, 2024

Through the new Razer rewards collaboration, gamers can connect to DeFi.

Both gamers as well as customers of gaming and IT hardware firm Razer, are getting ready to plug in. They are going to plug into the DeFi world using a new rewards based swap program. This program is being launched with Cake DeFi as partners. Razer is a favorite brand among gamers globally. The Gold rewards program from Razor allows gamers to both earn as well as redeem Silver points for a large number of hardware. They can also get digital rewards.

Cake DeFi and Razor

This rewards program now includes Cake DeFi as well. This teaming up now provides customers with the ability to turn their Silver points from Razor into vouchers for Cake DeFi. This can be seen as a bridge between the loyalty program from Razor, as well as the cryptocurrency world and products based on DeFi.

Gamers from Razer will also be provided with exclusive access to services for generating yields, from Cake DeFi. This DeFi platforms will also be offering discounts as well as rewards for signing up. Users can expect around 10,000 Silver points from Razor, as well as a $5 voucher from Cake DeFi.

These vouchers can automatically be converted at the rate of market value when it comes to the native token of the DeFiChain, DFI. These tokens will then be allocated to the staking pool of Cake DeFi. This staking pool will provide rewards every twelve hours, to stakers of DFI. There are more than 175 million users across the world, from Razer. They use Razor’s applications package to customize as well as manage their programs and hardware.

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