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To foster mass use, a new mainnet connects blockchain to the physical world.

Most people have heard of blockchain technology, crypto and NFTs, but how many can actually access any of these sites? Here are some interesting stats to consider – just 5% know about the usefulness of blockchain and the rest not.

It is a fact that we live in a completely different world from just two decades ago, or the turn of the century. We didn’t want to pay the “high fees” to connect to the Internet. Now the same technology is taken for granted and we cannot cope without the internet. The same parallel is taking place with blockchain technology. Skeptics and non-believers think there is too much hype around this new field and cannot imagine the possibilities that could be on offer.

To bridge this gap and make blockchain technology accessible, Ekta is working on bringing blockchain to the masses. The company hopes to create a future where DeFi, crypto and NFTs are commonplace, like smartphones. Ekta’s mission is to be a bridge between the physical and blockchain worlds.

EktaChain launched its very own mainnet to help the 95% of us who want to learn more about this technology and use it effectively. The company’s vision propels it to start projects and get into partnerships which bring the future into the present. Ektaverse is a metaverse in which NFT, DeFi and gaming come together to reforest more of the planet and earn carbon credits. This metaverse is called MetaTrees.

Ekta has successfully launched their token and mainnet. Many other projects are expected to be launched by the end of Q2 in 2022. The company’s total value locked for projects in the blockchain world stands at $125 million and counting.

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