Friday, December 8, 2023

To help eliminate world hunger, an NBA merch designer turned to blockchain.

Traditional charity organizations are not very efficient. Shawn Marsh specializes in designing merchandise for the NBA. In his other job he supplies coffee to big retailers. Marsh now has a new obsession. He is intent on ending world hunger using blockchain technology.

To get this initiative moving he founded the Food Chain Global (FCG). Through FCG he hopes to use block chain technologies to support charitable initiatives that work on ending world hunger.

Crypto Charity

In this initiative, he has enlisted the services of Cody Boyd who will lead the blockchain development team. FCG has already launched NFTs and the FOOD token. The profits from these go to fund food for food banks.

The products of FCG are designed to target the younger population. This approach is being guided by the fact that the younger generation are digital natives. The digital assets of FCG are more likely to be attractive to this generation.

To be able to attract the attention of the youth, the products need to engage them. Only youth engagement can ensure that the effort to end world hunger is carried forward to the future.

The current crypto assets do nothing to help society. FCG believes that the crypto community needs to do more. They need to showcase the beneficial aspects of what blockchain technology can do to benefit society.

In addition to FOOD tokens and NFTs, FCG has also launched other crypto merchandise. Typically, when people donate to charity they do not get to see how the money is deployed. However, with FCG people will be able to actually see the end use of their money through blockchain explorer.

FCG is not the only crypto charity. There are others that are coming up, each with a different social cause. Reports suggest that crypto donation witnessed a growth of 16X in 2021.

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