Friday, June 21, 2024

To honor the first BTC purchase, PizzaDAO will hold the world’s largest pizza party.

One of the most popular Bitcoin legends is when a man named Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC for two large pizzas. At the time of the transaction, the value of 10,000 Bitcoin was just above 40 US dollars, making it already more than enough for two large pizzas. Nonetheless, Hanyecz, who’s a Flordia-based programmer, decided to go ahead with the transaction. The incident layer became a legend in the Bitcoin world. The value of 10,000 BTC stands at above 200 million USD, even after the recent market crash.

While the pizza incident is unfortunate for Hanyecz, it is also a reminder of how far Bitcoin has come as a speculatory asset. Keeping this in mind, PizzaDAO is set to hold the largest pizza party in the world to commemorate Bitcoin’s success. PizzaDAO itself rose to fame through generative pizza NFTs designed by some of the best pizza chefs in the world. To make this event a success, PizzaDAO has partnered with several businesses to offer free pizzas in the streets of New York, Vancouver, Sydney, London, and several other places. More than 400 pizzerias are already on board with this celebration, and it has won the support of Seth Green, Steve Aoki, and World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani.

The success of World Pizza Day is also a reminder to people of how deeply Bitcoin has entered the public consciousness in the last few years. Thousands of people are set to take part in the celebrations either directly or indirectly.

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