Saturday, July 13, 2024

To prevent misleading extensions, Brave has launched a browser-native crypto wallet

Brave browser has a moderately big fanbase for its focus on privacy. From the beginning, Brave browser has been very pro-crypto in its marketing and policies. Now, they are taking it to the next level with a native in-app crypto wallet. While many exchanges work as browser extensions, this is the first time a major web browser is coming with its native crypto wallet.

Fake wallet extensions have been a pervasive problem in web browsers. Many of these duplicate wallets target unaware customers and steal their cryptocurrencies. Cyber-attacks have grown tremendously over the years, and hackers have become more sophisticated and hard to detect. In this situation, a native in-browser wallet extension is the best solution as of now.

Another successful web crypto wallet, MetaMask, works a little differently from the upcoming Brave Wallet. Unlike MetaMask, you do not need to download the Brave Wallet extension to use it. On the contrary, it is built within the system. Naturally, it is a more lightweight option and would run smoothly on most machines. Details of the wallet are not yet revealed, but they will be visible after the product launches.

Misleading and counterfeit wallet extensions target vulnerable customers and convince them of their authenticity. Often, these fake wallets would look and work exactly like the original wallets. It is an easy way of duping people and robbing their digital assets. If more browsers come up with an initiative like Brave Wallet, it will successfully combat many cyberattack attempts.

Cryptured Team
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