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To Win Crypto, Play These 5 Popular NFT Games


NFT games are the new craze in the gaming world. These are blockchain-based games that have tokenized assets in them. These tokenized assets can be acquired as NFTs by the participating players. While a section of these games offers payment in cryptocurrency, others let players accumulate NFTs, which can be sold for a profit in the future.

As long as modern video games have existed, the practice of in-game purchases has been there. While in conventional video games, these in-game assets could be used only within the game, blockchain-based gaming is changing it. Now players can buy assets within the game, which have real-world implications. Through the purchase of NFTs, players now have the option of selling for a high price in the future.

Gaming companies have always been in total control of their games in the past. It is well known that in-app purchases are one of the main sources of revenue for gaming firms. With blockchain-based gaming, this is set to change. Now players will also have a monetary stake in the games they play. Not only do gamers get a financial reward, but they are in full control of how they use this. NFTs have sold for huge sums in the past.

Here’s a list of the 5 best games to play to win NFTs.

Axie Infinity: NFT-based online video game

Sorare: Football fantasy game

Gods Unchained: Free-to-play card trading game

F1 Delta Time: Ethereum based Formula 1 game

Evolution Land: Virtual simulation game

Start playing these games and win NFTs.

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