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Token presents itself as the world’s only force majeure protective backup for security

Investments in crypto currencies continue to remain low. Investors and even other people remain risk-averse and do not use crypto currency for daily transactions.

When BTC was introduced in 2009, doubts were raised about its lack of backing. This is surprising, since the US gold standard was withdrawn in 1971. Hence, fiat currencies too do not have any back up and have no inherent value.

Without doubt, cryptocurrency is volatile. However, compared to fiat currency there are many benefits that cryptocurrencies offer. Greater stability of crypto is likely to increase acceptability especially in areas where local currencies are not stable.

Ixinium’s Collateral

This consideration led to the creation of the global token – Ixinium’s XXA. XXA was created with protection even against force majeure. This is akin to Ixinium’s backing via its precious metal holdings. Ixinium is in fact in the process of purchasing precious metals.

XXA has the potential to provide higher value than the usual gold and other electronic assets. Ixinium, over the last few months has also been testing buyback of XXA tokens. Currently, live beta testing is in progress. In this process, the base value of the XXA token adds on to the gold collateral. The collateral’s value is higher than XXA token’s market value.

According to reports, by the end of 2022, half of the issued XXA token will be burned. This is expected to make the token more scarce.

Ixinium’s initiative will provide an affordable payment solution, globally, via the decentralized marketplace. Compared to traditional payment means, the Stellar network is faster and affordable for crypto payments. The Stellar network enables transactions up to $100 within an incredible 2-5 seconds.

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