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TOMB Solving Loss in Liquidity Pools with a Bonding Curve Mechanism.


TOMB provides an innovative approach to the issue of temporary loss in liquidity pools. When the value of the assets comprising a liquidity pool fluctuates, a liquidity provider will experience temporary loss. TOMB implements a novel pricing mechanism for its tokens based on a “bonding curve” to address this issue to reward liquidity providers.

TOMB also participated in Quantum Miami 2023 and showed its demo there.


TOMB provides its services to its users where they can stake USDC or FUSDT to earn. Staking allows users to participate in network governance and strengthen the TOMB protocol’s defenses.


Users can buy and sell TOMB tokens and other ERC-20 tokens on the TOMB decentralized exchange. This DEX has a straightforward trading interface and includes advanced tools like limit orders and charting.

Bonding Curve Mechanism

The bonding curve is the basis for TOMB’s one-of-a-kind token pricing mechanism. The rising value of TOMB tokens as more liquidity is introduced to the pool encourages liquidity providers to keep their tokens and use the network.

Liquidity Provision

In exchange for TOMB tokens, users can provide liquidity to pools of ERC-20 tokens. These tokens reflect the user’s claim on a portion of the pool’s overall liquidity and grow in value as time passes.

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