Thursday, December 7, 2023

Top Blockchain Project Ethernity Cloud Exhibited at the AIBC Europe

AIBC Europe sought to be a cornerstone in the region’s technology development by bringing together global tech leaders, regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss share ideas, form collaborations, and lay the groundwork for the industry of the future.

Over 200 companies took part in the event this November, and as expected, the event was a great success. Ethernity Cloud is one of the top crypto and blockchain projects that were present in the event this year.

Their objective is to create a decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain technology that allows ordinary cloud services to be run as decentralized cloud applications. The nodes in Ethernity CLOUD are location agnostic, self-replicating, and constantly spawning around the internet without user intervention, as specified in the Ethereum compatible smart contract.

Ethernity CLOUD empowers average users by eliminating middlemen and providing a trustless, cost-effective, and dependable service. They will be able to monetize their unused computer resources and participate in the public fog computing infrastructure.

Users’ data is always protected whether at rest or in transit thanks to encryption at all levels. The software imposes privacy security restrictions that give content owners peace of mind using a trustless model.

Ethernity Cloud is Backed with Strong Factors

Anonymity is the crucial factor in a decentralized setting for ensuring appropriate privacy levels. They understand the need for anonymity when running cloud computing applications, which is why anonymity is one of Ethernity CLOUD’s strong pillars.

The decentralized design has numerous advantages, but it is difficult to maintain availability. As a result, supporting the adoption and development of decentralized applications that function smoothly and offer continuous availability became a challenge.

And the platform is not only making sure but has also been quite successful when it comes to this. Ethernity CLOUD is creating a fair ecosystem in which everyone’s right to privacy is respected and the blockchain’s integrity is guaranteed.

Your data is safeguarded from malicious cloud providers, guaranteeing that operations are fair, decentralized, and private.

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